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Those of you who are bummed about online-only games can take Evolve off of your “bummer” list, as Turtle Rock Studios have announced through a rather clever and extremely in-depth video tutorial that the upcoming 4v1 shooter will offer the ability to play offline.

For those of you who have missed out on the hunt up until this point, Evolve is the latest game from the Left 4 Dead, developer heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC early next year. Four players take on the role of class-based hunters, each with their own abilities, weapons, strengths and weaknesses. A fifth player takes on the role of the monster, sneaking about the level and devouring smaller creatures in order to *ahem* evolve and grow in both size and powers. The hunters’ job is simple: Kill the monster. The monster’s job is to grow up big and strong and utterly destroy the tiny humans. If you can pick one off at a time, great! If you can grow to full size, you’ll even stand a chance against all four of them at once.

At this point, we’ve heard quite a bit about the highly anticipated shooter, thanks to multiple trade show demonstrations, an alpha phase, upcoming betas and the like. While many have been very excited for every little detail about this upcoming shooter/bite simulator, however, some have stifled their hype due to the game’s assumed online-only nature. According to a recent report from Destructoid, however, it looks like that will not be the case.

To be fair, we’re talking about a 4v1 game that, until this point, has only ever been shown off in multiplayer sessions. It makes perfect sense that Evolve would be an online-only game but, as it turns out, you can still dive into the fray solo if you so choose.

Turtle Rock Studios revealed this fact with the hilarious tutorial embedded above, demonstrating the proper way to play Evolve all by your lonesome. In short, you just boot up a single player mode. From there, you can go on a hunting rampage joined by AI compatriots, dishing out orders and easily changing between your crew on the fly with the press of a direction on the D-Pad. I assume that the team is putting extra special attention into making competent AI partners for a game that requires so much coordination but, if not, you will be able to set up all the strategies and combo maneuvers you want on the fly simply by switching back and forth between the hunters.

Given the fact that the majority of internet providers charge an arm and a leg for lackluster service (Not that I’m extremely bitter with Cox Communications at the moment, or anything), semi-regular online maintenance from Microsoft and Sony and the occasional DDoS attack, it’s nice to know that you’ll still be able to play Evolve solo.

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