Fallout 4 Map Reveals Every Collectible

If you're one of the hundreds of thousands of people playing Fallout 4 right now and you're having some trouble making your way around the wastelands of Boston, a helpful reddit user is offering support in the form of an extremely detailed map that points out all of the important locations and collectible items within the game.

I think we all knew that Fallout 4 was a hot game right now, but I don't think any of us expected that it was so hat that a picture of an in-game map could break the internet. But that's exactly what happened following a recent post from reddit user koolkyle802 on the Fallout 4 boards. In the post, koolkyle802 links to a dropbox page that contains a pretty helpful item.

Here is the link to a higher resolution [map]. Let me know if there are any changes you guys would like, I'm always up for suggestions.

As I and other readers quickly discovered, though, it was a broken link. And when I say broken, I don't mean it didn't leave to the correct page. I mean broken as in “a bridge that gives way under the weight of too much traffic.” Anyone who tries to follow the link will be hit by Error 429, which simply states that the account's link is generating so much traffic that is had to be temporarily disabled. That's insane.

Thankfully, a helpful user provided some help a couple of comments down, offering links to additional mirrors where the image has been uploaded. In other words, you can go ahead and follow that original link to the reddit page, then follow the additional link to start downloading your very own copy of this highly detailed map of Fallout 4. I'm the kind of player who prefers to live and die by my own curiosity and exploration in these types of games, but I totally understand folks wanting to be able to track down everything the game has to offer, too.

If you fall into that second group, this map is probably a welcome resource that you'll want to start consulting with a quickness. Some folks appear to be having trouble reading it on mobile, so try it on a computer next, if you experience similar issues.

Speaking of maps, I'm interested to hear what type of gamers our readers are. When playing a game like Fallout 4, Skyrim or Dragon Age, do you prefer to fly solo or do you like to have a faq, maps or strategy guide handy? Why do you prefer to play either of those ways? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.