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This Fallout 4 Mod Lets You Make Some Insane Weapons

Fallout 4 already has a pretty robust weapon modding system but, for some gamers, it doesn’t go quite far enough. A new game mod for the PC version of Bethesda’s latest epic fixes that problem, allowing players to attach literally any mode to any weapon.

I believe it was Tim “The Toolman” Taylor who once said, “More power,” followed by a series of grunts. Whoever came up with this latest Fallout 4 mod considered those to be words to live by, putting together a suite of tools that lets you bolt pretty much anything in the open-world RPG onto your gun of choice. The results are, obviously, pretty spectacular.

If you’ve played Fallout 4, then you’ve likely discovered the joys of finding a few spare parts out in the wasteland and then attaching them to your favorite gun, giving it some beefier stats or perhaps a new ability.

It’s a pretty intricate system, but not without its limits. You can’t add mods created for rifles onto your pistol of choice, for instance. Well, until now.

The “Any Mod Any Weapon” mod allows you to do exactly that, cranking Fallout 4’s already impressive arsenal all the way up to 11. Here’s the rundown from the mod’s description.

This mod allows you to craft and attach any weapon mod, on any weapon (Now supports melee weapons). It’s not balanced, not immersive, and might even affect the non-unique weapons carried by enemies you find in the wild or on stores. But it’s really fun! Attach a mirv launcher on an automatic gun and make it rain nukes! Attach the rocket launcher lock-on sights on any weapon! Attach the gamma gun dish on your gatling laser and spread that radiation across your enemies at ludicrous speed! Possibilities are endless!

The description pretty much says it all. Everything about this mod is “wrong” and yet so right at the same time. Since it does basically break the weapons system, we’d suggest you wait until after completing the Fallout 4 campaign before plugging it in. You wouldn’t want to make things too easy on you, right? Not like players would exploit something like this to cruise through the game, right?

But we’re not here to judge. You do you, as the saying goes. It’s hard to hold it against someone when all they want to do is turn their “hand cannon” into a literal hand cannon. Here’s a look at some more of those insane mods folks are already putting together in Fallout 4.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.