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Get ready to play the game properly, dirty cheaters, because it looks like the infinite caps bug in Fallout 4 has finally been squashed in the recently released Update 1.2. Now you have to scrimp and save like the rest of us!

Update 1.2 went live in Fallout 4 this week, bringing with it a number of tweaks and fixes for all platforms. According to the official listing over on the Fallout blog, the update did everything from allowing additional remapping on the PC version of the game to improved general memory stability and performance, fixed an issue with players becoming stuck in terminals, un-broke a couple of story missions, etc. What’s not listed in the patch update, however, is a fix to the infinite cap loop players have discovered within the game.

According to folks on various Fallout 4 community pages, the infinite caps glitch has been fixed, meaning players can no longer break the in-game economy by lining their pockets with an endless amount of wasteland currency. According to creator of this particular thread over on the game’s Steam community page, people are now having to resort to such tactics as actually playing side quests, looting bodies and the like just to earn currency. The nerve, Bethesda!

In case you’ve been in the dark on this particular Fallout 4 exploit, players figured out that all they needed to do to get basically unlimited funds in the game is find a vendor that sells ammo. Once you bought all of the vendor’s ammo, you could then sell it back to them in chunks until your supply ran out. If you did this correctly, the game allowed you to keep selling ammo that you didn’t actually have, meaning you could make loads of caps for minimal effort. It didn’t work with every vendor, but people seemed to find the payout to be well worth the effort.

It took about a month for Bethesda to wipe out this caps exploit, so we imagine quite a few players enjoyed its perks throughout the entirety of their play. If you’re still plugging away at Fallout 4 and have grown to rely on the exploit to fund your adventures, however, you’re going to need to come up with a new way of making money.

We’d be interested to hear if any of our readers took advantage of the caps bug to earn themselves some ill-gotten fundage. If so, how successful were you in making the bug actually work? Now that it’s no longer in the game, how will it affect the way you play Fallout 4 moving forward? Please let us know in the comments section below.
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