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Fallout 4 Mod Removes Freaky Mannequins

Fallout 4 has a lot of different kinds of content present within the game, and some of that content includes some rather creepy looking mannequins. Well, one modder couldn't deal with the mannequins and decided to make a mod to remove said mannequins.

On Nexusmods user Hilliary posted up a mod that removes the mannequins from Fallout 4 or replaces them with pink flamingos. According to Hilliary, they were starting to add a lot of stress to the game...

I made this for myself and have been using it for a while with no issues. I figured at least one other person would appreciate it, so here we are. Why did I [make] this? Because I have automatonophobia and Bethesda's over-enthusiasm with mannequins in FO4 stresses me out.

There are two versions of the mod, the first of which replaces the mannequins in the game with the pink flamingo decorations and the other version just removes the mannequins in Fallout 4 altogether.

It's mentioned on the mod page that there is something you will have to deal with as a consequence of replacing the mannequins: sometimes they have items you can retrieve.

The Fallout 4 still models will sometimes have hats or other accoutrements on that the player can pick up and add to their inventory. The items will still appear... it's just that if you have pink flamingos there in place of the mannequins the items might be floating over the flamingos. If you decide to remove the mannequins entirely then the items will simply float around in the air. If you're okay with seeing floating items then that's completely fine. You can download the mod from over on

As for the issue with the mannequins coming across as creepy... well, Hilliary isn't the only one who thought the same.

Over on Reddit danny_superior made a post asking about the mannequins in Fallout 4. His scenario was a little creepier than just seeing them scattered around the wasteland. According to danny the mannequins were there at one point and then disappeared a few seconds later when he turned around. And he didn't want anyone offering an explanation that centered around Doctor Who's Weeping Angels.

One user suggested that the mannequins aren't all that creepy and that maybe it just tipped over into a pond during a firefight and that it didn't actually get up and run away.

It would probably be a huge relief to know that the mannequins can't move or run or attack you, but it would also add a very interesting element to Fallout 4's gameplay if that actually turned out to be the case.

The game is full of all sorts of hidden secrets, exploits and Easter eggs. The game released back in November and has been one of the most talked about games to release this season.

Bethesda managed to ship more than 12 million SKUs for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC within the first week of Fallout 4's release. If you're enjoying the game but having a tough time getting over the creep-factor of the mannequins just feel free to grab the mod to remove them from your game.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.