Fallout 4 Steam Reviews Are Hilarious And Spot-On

Fallout 4 launched worldwide three weeks ago and Steam users have written over 36,000 reviews since then. Some of them are dumb, some of them are insightful, and some of them are hysterical.

While most of the Steam Reviews are positive, there are about six thousand negative ones. The most common complaints center on the story, the lack of a karma system, and overly streamlined mechanics. There are a lot of players disappointed that the story isn't quite as open-ended as the physical game world. For example, this review pokes fun at the lack of variety in dialogue options:

Dialogue choices

In response to the criticisms, some Steam users began writing reviews poking fun at the unhappy players. This was the sickest of the burns:

Sick burn

As is tradition for Steam reviews, there are also plenty that simply poke fun at some bug or amusing quirk in the game's design. Here's one that pokes fun at the building system and how NPCs react to your creations:

Lady and the chair

And here's another review that notes a time-honored tradition in Bethesda games:

Walking speed

The current front-runner for me, though, is this bizarre tribute to NPC companion Piper. It makes essentially no sense and tells you nothing about the game but still made me chuckle:

Piper is love

I'm really glad that Steam now gives you three options when grading a review: helpful, not helpful or funny . It makes it a lot easier for those of us just looking to Steam Reviews for laughs to find what we're looking for. It also moves these jokes off to their own section so that customers hoping for actual information on the game in question can actually get it.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.