Far Cry 4 Campaign Won't Have Split-Screen Co-op

As couch co-op continues to move toward the Steam and Nintendo domain, a lot of gamers are still wondering whether or not couch co-op will make a return on the Xbox One and PS4's upcoming titles. Well, you can scratch Far Cry 4 off the list of games that you hoped would have split-screen.

PlayStation LifeStyle managed to get in word with Ubisoft's technical director for the upcoming Far Cry, Cedric Decelle, during an E3 preview presentation.

Quite naturally, PSLS asked out-right that since the game support four-player co-op, would it be remotely possible that the game might feature split-screen play for those players who would rather invite a buddy over and play side-by-side on the couch. According to Decelle, Far Cry 4 is … “ “online co-op only”.


Not content with asking and receiving on such a small scale, the team took it a step further to ask about competitive multiplayer modes for the game and they were once again shutdown and shut out, with Cedric only saying that “This is a secret for now.”

Still not content to walk away completely handed from the article with nothing but sadness and depression to sell their readers, PlayStation LifeStyle had this to say...

“Keep in mind that there might be a chance that a split-screen co-op mode will be implemented since the game is still in development. With Far Cry 4 being open world, I gather having two players help each other out should be a fun experience — provided you’re both online, that is.”

Online co-op has always been a novel but underused feature, personally speaking. Finding someone to meld with your play-style at some odd-hours of the day isn't always the easiest thing to accomplish. You also have to worry about a problem that plagued Borderlands: Rushers, spammers, trollers and kill-joys.

Maybe some time in the future we'll have a few more hardcore action games that bring back the split-screen. And at least, for Xbox One owners, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will support split-screen play for up to two-players in the campaign modes (and presumably four-players in the competitive modes).

Even still, maybe Ubisoft can recover the slight fumble with some split-screen competitive modes, eh? It certainly doesn't hurt the replay value of a game like Call of Duty (even though the newer games have been increasingly stingy with four-player modes).

I'm actually more shocked that there hasn't been any controversies surrounding the lack of a playable female as part of the cooperative campaign in Fary Cry 3? The issue has actually set the internet ablaze as far as Assassin's Creed Unity is concerned and has caused Ubisoft somewhat of a PR nightmare given all the talk surrounding the game... and not in a good way. Well, more appropriately, it seems as if very few people are actually talking about the gameplay as opposed to talking about what's not in the game.

Still, you can learn more about Far Cry 4, which is scheduled to release this fall, by visiting the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.