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Final Fantasy 7 Returning To PC With New Features?

It appears Square Enix is about the re-release Final Fantasy 7 on the PC. Square Enix has created a website for this revamped PC version that mentions a few new features.

The company registered a few days ago (via GOG). The site briefly listed general information on FF7 and the PC-exclusive features before it was taken down. You can see it for yourself in this screenshot or Google cache.

The PC version will come with 36 Achievements as well as cloud save support. These are both standard features on Steam. I'd be surprised, then, if the RPG wasn't released through that store.

The third feature mentioned is the most intriguing: a Character Booster. If you're struggling with any part of FF7, you can simply push a button and max out your HP, MP, or Gil level. This seems like a risky move, as it could make the game boring very quickly. On the bright side, it means you won't need to do any level-grinding to beat the optional challenges like Emerald and Ruby Weapon.

FF7 debuted in 1997 on the PSOne. Square Enix brought it to the PC the following year. The game focuses on Cloud Strife, an amnesiac soldier who joins a resistance group called AVALANCHE waging a secret war against the corrupt Shinra Corporation. FF7 - and every game in the series after FF6, really - generates strongly positive and negative opinions among fans. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though.

Square Enix has yet to officially announce this re-release. They've always been fond of re-introducing their older games to new audiences, though, so this rumor sounds believable.

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