Final Fantasy Fighter, Dissidia, Could Come To PlayStation 4

Square Enix recently held a big reveal event for the upcoming Final Fantasy fighter, Dissidia. The publisher not only announced that Team Ninja is working on development, but also entertained the notion that the game could eventually launch on the PlayStation 4.

The original story popped up on Japanese gaming site Inside, which had all of the details and a whole bunch of photos from Square Enix’s Dissidia event.

During the event, attendees learned that the Dissidia arcade game is being built with tools for the PlayStation 4. And since the arcade controls feature traditional PlayStation icons, there’s a good chance that the game will eventually find its way to home consoles. I, for one, would like to offer a resounding “Yes, please.”

It was revealed last month that a new Dissidia was in development. But outside of the fact that it was coming to Japanese arcades, very little information was provided at the time. We did get a pretty sweet trailer, though, showing off several Final Fantasy heroes doing battle alongside a lake pulled from the original game.

Today’s Dissidia event also boasted a trailer, showing off additional scenes from that battle as well as a powerful summon in action.

But that’s not all! It looks like Team Ninja is also working with Square Enix to develop the game. And based on Team Ninja's work with Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, it’s a safe bet that the over-the-top brawler is in good hands.

For fans of the Dissidia series on PlayStation Portable, this latest arcade incarnation makes a few departures from the established formula. For starters, battles will be 3-on-3 rather than 1-on-1. Plus the summoning powers look like they’ll be useful in turning the tide of battle. So far, we’ve only seen one location in action, but it looks like the game’s verticality and “grinding” may be completely absent. That’s kind of a bummer, as the freedom of movement was one of the best aspects of the

[[ ahref http final-fantasy-dissidia-to-be-released-in-the-us-14137.html games ]] original Dissidia games.

Also, since this is an arcade brawler, chances are that the heavy RPG elements and story beats from the PSP games will be either absent or greatly reduced.

Slated to arrive in Japan this fall, the Dissidia arcade game will move at 60 frames-per-second. And according to Inside, the title will boast a roster of more than 50 characters from throughout the series’ history. Also, since this is a modern fighting game, it was also announced that additional characters and locations should be expected via regular updates. That’s either great news or frustrating news, depending on how complete the original game feels.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.