Final Fantasy VI Coming To PS3 And PSP In North America

If your favorite SNES RPG wasn't Chrono Trigger, odds are that it was Final Fantasy VI (released in North America as Final Fantasy III). If you live in North America, you'll soon be reunited with your old pal. The ESRB just rated the game for the PS3 and PSP.

When an old game is rated for both those platforms at the same time, it almost always means that it's about to be re-released through PSN. FF6 was released through PSN in Japan in April 20th. Makes sense that they'd send it our way as well. I mean, sure, we didn't properly number the game when it was first released on the SNES here, but we loved it just as much.

The ESRB outed a PSN re-release of Chrono Trigger yesterday as well. The near future is looking bright for JRPG-loving PlayStation fans. In both cases, you can probably expect the PSOne versions of each games. Those versions featured anime cutscenes as well as a few other bonus features like a development art gallery.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.