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Chrono Trigger Probably Coming To PSN

Chrono Trigger, perhaps Square Enix's most revered game, seems primed for another resurrection. The ESRB has rated the SNES RPG for the PS3 and PSP.

When a game is rated for both those platforms at the same time, chances are good that it's a PSN release. Square's been re-releasing a lot of their old RPG's through PSN lately. Xenogears and Vagrant Story are just a couple examples. Seems logical that they'd get around to reviving Chrono Trigger, considering it's one of their biggest hits.

The PSN Chrono Trigger could be based on the version released for PSOne. It featured anime cutscenes and bonus features like an art gallery. Square could go one further, though, and also include the new content in the DS re-release like the new dungeons and an Arena.

As usual, the ESRB has managed to out this project before the publisher had a chance to announce it. We'll have to wait to find out when we can expect the game.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.