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Speedy superhero The Flash will be playable in Turbine's MOBA Infinite Crisis. A new Champion Spotlight video from the developer shows Barry Allen using his quickness to get the drop on enemies.

The Flash's in-game abilities, unsurprisingly, all deal with speed. Using special abilities makes him run faster. He can even steal movement speed from opponents. Thanks to his passive ability, The Flash's attack damage increases as he gets quicker.

The closest way to describe his role is "melee DPS." He races up to enemies and starts pounding on them with his fists. He can also activate Flash Attack and dash in a straight line, damaging anyone in his path. For his ultimate, he zips around in a circle repeatedly to hurt any nearby enemies while also leaving himself untargetable.

Infinite Crisis allows players to take on the role of a variety of DC Comics heroes and villains, including The Joker and Wonder Woman. They can also become heroes and villains from parallel universes, such as Gaslight Catwoman. These superbeings battle it out in team-based matches with objectives.

The closed beta for Infinite Crisis launched earlier this week. You can sign up here.

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