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Infinite Crisis Gameplay Video Unleashes Steampunk Catwoman

Turbine has sent out another Champion Spotlight video for their MOBA Infinite Crisis. This latest installment looks at Gaslight Catwoman, a steampunk incarnation of the notorious Gotham burglar.

The Gaslight universe is one of several parallel worlds featured in Infinite Crisis. This Victorian Era world features advanced technology powered by steam. The setting was the subject of a cancelled Batman game called Gotham by Gaslight. The Gaslight Batman is featured in Infinite Crisis as well.

In the Gaslight universe, Catwoman was kidnapped at birth and raised an assassin. She has steam-powered claws that can be shot at enemies. Her razor-sharp claws can draw blood from foes, causing them to take damage over time. This damage ramps up as their health gets lower.

Catwoman's function in battle is to ambush lone enemies and finish them off before friends can help. She can disappear and then hit her enemy with a silencing strike upon reappearing. Her speed increases when a nearby opponent's health is low and she gains their vision as well. She can occasionally teleport to a target to deliver a strike as well.

Infinite Crisis's beta test will begin next week. You can apply for the beta here.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.