The closed beta for Turbine's free-to-play MOBA Infinite Crisis is now live. A select group of players can now duke it out in team-based battles starring DC Comics heroes and villains.

Turbine has marked the occasion by releasing a Champion Profile video for the Joker. As you might imagine, he isn't designed for protecting or healing other characters. Instead, he focuses on dealing damage. He can stun enemies with a boxing glove rocket, slow them with an exploding box full of snapping teeth, or stun them with a poison gas-spewing doll. If you like employing hit-and-run tactics and luring enemies into traps, Joker seems like your best bet.

Infinite Crisis features characters from throughout the DC Multiverse. In addition to playing as Batman, you can play his Steampunk incarnation from the Gaslight universe, or a monstrous Nightmare version of him. Each version has a different set of abilities. Previous gameplay trailers have shown a portly version of Joker wielding a giant butcher knife - presumably he's more of a melee DPS character.

You can sign up for the beta at the game's website. You'll need to provide your system specifications and a bit of personal information. If you're not a seasoned MOBA player with a sweet rig, don't worry because Turbine's looking for a diverse set of testers.

Infinite Crisis will launch later this year. Presumably they'll keep building up the closed beta and then eventually open it to all interested players. Soft launches like that are typical of F2P games.

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