GTA 5 Mod Adds Gravity Gun

Modding in GTA V isn't quite going the way some people may have expected. However, script mods are slowly starting to make an appearance and one modder has made a script that allows you to equip a gravity gun that mimics Half-Life 2's iconic weapon, allowing you to pull things close and then blast them away. You can check out the video below from YouTuber taltigolt, an aficionado of all things GTA modding.

The mod was originally made by MatriZ and simply requires installing the latest version of Script Hook V and then downloading and placing the Gravity Gun mod into the directory with the Script Hook V .asi loader.

To use the mod in-game simply switch to the stun gun and hold 'E' on the keyboard to hover the objects in the air; pressing the shoot button will cause the gun to blast the object at high velocity in whatever direction you're aiming. As I mentioned, it's just like Half-Life 2.

If you're thinking about using the mods online, you can't. The latest version of Script Hook V has been modified ever since Rockstar dropped patch 350.2. Alexander Blade had to make a workaround because Rockstar was banning people for using mods in the online mode. The new version of the Script Hook V automatically disables itself when you attempt to go online and play with others in GTA V. Why? Because Rockstar is tagging any player who is running files they deem as “cheats” or “exploits” and banning them. So it's entirely possible to use the scripts and mods in the single-player mode but you will need to disable or remove the files if you plan on playing online.

DSO Gaming is reporting that Rockstar isn't banning gamers for using cosmetic mods; this presumably could relate to people who are modifying various graphics options in GTA V with third-party software.

Things like ENB Series and iCEnhancer are still unavailable at the moment because Rockstar has encrypted the GTA V files so modders can't mess with them. Various programmers and modders are hard at work on decrypting the files, allow for the files to be edited and then setup a process to re-encrypt them. At the moment they've only been able to allow gamers to look at the encrypted files in GTA V but not actually allow for editing.

For now gamers and modders are relegated to script editing and usage, such as the gravity gun mod above. Scripts will continue to spill out into the public but unfortunately total conversions, car mods, handling mods or character mods are all off the table for now.

Still, at least gamers are able to enjoy some of the more wacky aspects of GTA V just relying on the scripts. We've seen things like alien invasion mods, the ability to fly around as a crow and throw molotov cocktails at people, as well as cows on motorcycles attempting to outrun the police. Traditional modding may be off the table a bit for now, but the scripts are still providing gamers with plenty of fun.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.