GTA 5 Online Business Update DLC Coming Next Week

GTA 5 Business Update

Rockstar Games is planning to release more free content for GTA 5 next week. The Business Update will give Xbox 360 and PS3 players new toys for both Story Mode and GTA Online.

This new update focuses on high-end luxury. Players can cruise the streets in the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R sports cars. When they want to fly, they can hop in the Vestra private jet. These vehicles can be purchased through Legendary Motorsport and Elitas in GTA Online. In GTA 5, they'll be accessible from garages.

The Business Update also includes plenty of new wardrobe options. Players will have plenty of formal and "biz cas" items to choose form including suit jackets, blouses, and slacks. New masks and money-themed tattoos will prepare them for less savory work..

Ammu-Nation, meanwhile, will stock two new weapons: the Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine. While GTA Online players will have to purchase them, Story Mode characters will find them added to their inventory automatically. They'll also get two bonus clips of ammo for each weapon.

Earlier this month Rockstar released the Valentine's Day Massacre DLC for GTA 5. This free update provided several 1920's-themed items including a Tommy gun and old-timey limousine. You only have a few more days to get this content, though.

"Don't forget that this weekend is the last chance for players to grab the Albany Roosevelt limousine, the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun and all the rest of the exclusive items from the Valentine's Day Massacre Special before they're gone," reads a new post on the Rockstar Newswire. "Once purchased in-game, they are player’s to keep - but they will no longer be available to purchase after midnight EST this Sunday, March 2nd."

The developers will celebrate the Business Update's launch with a special GTA Online event weekend. It should be similar to the Valentine's Day Massacre weekend, which provided special loot and progression bonuses. More information will probably be announced next week.

Rockstar says that additional DLC news for GTA 5 will be released soon. Their future plans include online heists, a Capture Mode update for the Content Creator, and Assassination and Flight School missions for Story Mode.