GTA 5's Online Microtransactions Priced, In-Game Currency Detailed

We recently reported on GTA Online having microtransactions. The online mode is an extension of the recently released GTA V. The thing is, while the XML data went around as a rumor, it turns out that Eurogamer got word from someone who has actually played GTA Online that yes, the microtransactions are in the game.

Not only are microtransactions in the game but Eurogamer's insider managed to give out a price on the goods. Check it out below.

* $100,000 Red Shark Cash Card - £1.99

* $200,000 Tiger Shark Cash Card - £3.49

* $500,000 Bull Shark Cash Card - £6.99

* $1,250,000 Great White Shark Cash Card - £13.49

In U.S., dollars that translates to a starting fee of around $3.20 for the Red Shark Cash Card and it works up from there.

Eurogamer also has word that certain properties in the Online mode of GTA V are cheaper than they are in the single-player portion of the game. Players can only obtain one house at a time and the max price is $400,000. Also, a car that goes for $1,000,000 in single-player will only be $150,000 in multiplayer.

However, where the prices for vehicles and houses are made cheaper, weapons and car mods (two of the biggest and probably going to be the most sought after items in the multiplayer mode) are a lot more expensive in the online portion of the game.

Now remember when I mentioned in the previous article that it looked like Rockstar shaped a lot of GTA 5's online mode after APB: Reloaded? Well, Eurogamer further confirms this by noting that weapons are level-locked just like APB. So even if you buy a bunch of money cards you still won't be able to get all the latest and greatest weapons until you unlock them.

However, I should note that the extra cash shop measures in APB: Reloaded gives gamers a leg up over the free-to-play freeloaders. Access to better, higher level mods really does play a big factor in the way the game plays out.

Anyway, the real worry here is how much of the pay-to-win factor will factor into GTA Online? The cash cards aren't too much of a concern for me, personally, but who has ever heard of an online game that only has cash card microtransactions and absolutely nothing else?

I imagine Rockstar has a roadmap of content in the wings, and based on the mission XML file, it looks like they have a ton of more stuff to add to the game. Let's just hope that it's all well balanced and it doesn't turn into “rich kids only” party that some competitive free-to-play titles suffer from.

GTA Online will go live for everyone who purchased GTA V beginning October 1st. You can check out the promo trailer for the mode below.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.