APB Reloaded Adds Kriss Vector, Walther 2000 Sniper Rifle

Two new weapons have joined the ever-growing cache of firearms on Reloaded Productions' free-to-play, MMO third-person shooter, APB: Reloaded. And while the names aren't the same as their real-life counterparts, the designs and fire mechanics certainly are.

Reloaded announced the new Agrotech Aces Rifle, which is the fictional name of the very real Kriss Vector sub-machine gun. The Agrotech Aces doesn't come alone, however, as it's part of a bundle pack that also includes new vehicle parts for the rough and tumble off-roader, the Packer Toreador & Vengador V141A4 for both Criminals and Enforcers.

While it would seem as if that was it... it's not. The pack also includes some new guerrilla warfare clothing items, so you can deck out your Criminal or Enforcer with some new garb to go along with your custom ride and your dangerous new weapon.

A few notes on the vehicle: The Packer for the Enforcers features an armored military look so that your small but reliable jeep will look as tough as nails, and coupled with the right mods it really will be able to take a licking and keep on ticking. The Criminal's rendition of the jeep features a more visually robust design that looks like it would fit in well with the Mad Max apocalyptic-desert scheme. You can check out both vehicles below in the promo image to get an idea what they look like.

The Guerra Bundle pack didn't arrive alone, though. If you're not really into the whole guerrilla warfare schtick and you prefer something more long-range and comfortably suited to a more measured paced of gameplay that doesn't include a lot of running and gunning, there's a perfect solution for you in the limited edition NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen Competition Rifle... better known to gun enthusiasts as the Walther 2000 sniper rifle.

This mean machine comes with an upper-rail modification for hunting down your targets with pinpoint precision and die-hard accuracy. The mod increases your precision aiming ability as well as better clarifies your accuracy while using the scope thanks to an improved targeting reticule.

Not only is this weapon dangerous but it's drop dead gorgeous, too. The Anubis “god of death” skin provides the Walther with a gold-plated look over the barrel, shoulder stock and metal parts while maintaining a sleek wooden finish across the main body, the grip and the butt of the gun. You can check out the weapons in a brief image below, featuring the Agrotech and NCR-762 “Anubis” in the picture below.

While the Agrotech is available in the Guerra Bundle, the Anubis is sadly only available in the Joker Mystery Boxes. Players can obtain these boxes by completing certain tasks in the game or earning points in the PVP arenas. Anyone who goes for the new Joker Mystery Box 6, which contains the Anubis, could also end up with something as sexy as a custom Bishada Rapier or a Patriot V20 Super for 180 days, amongst other goodies. You can learn more over on the official APB: Reloaded Blog, which also has details on the Guerra Bundle.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.