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This GTA 5 Parody Of Max Payne 3 Nails The Game's Cheesy Voiceover

A parody video making fun of the morose tone and overly serious nature of Max Payne 3 has gone live courtesy of YouTuber 8-Bit Bastard. It's two minutes of funny and worth the watch. Check it out.

The “Max Pun” is basically a collection of bad puns done in the same sort of soliloquy style present in the Max Payne games.

The video reminds me of the parodies of Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercials. The slow drawl and almost drunken enunciation makes it as goofy as it is entertaining. In the “Max Pun” video they even managed to capture the drunk-o-vision that the game became infamous for.

Those of you who have no idea why the video carries a measure of hilarity, it's because anyone that played Max Payne 3 can see the parallels between the parody and the real game, where there's this absurdity contained within extrapolating simple events into these melodramatic moments.

In fact, you can check out one of those segments below from the real Max Payne 3, just for comparison's sake. (Warning: there are some spoilers)

Yeah, now imagine a game that's just about eight hours of that.

One of the things that really made Max Payne 3 stand out is that the game – despite it's near soap opera-levels of melodrama – was one of the most violent, gruesome and gory games I've ever played. Before you could cringe at any of the characters or story twists, you were cringing at the almost absurd levels of violence depicted across the game's seedy criminal environments and the gang-ridden slums of Brazil.

Make no mistake about it, though, Max Payne 3 was a brilliant game and – in my very own humble opinion – ranks up there close to the original in terms of greatness. There's a bit more of a pulp-feel about the very first Max Payne that seemed like a noir version of a Quentin Tarantino film, where-as Max Payne 3 was closer to an Oliver Stone film with a touch of Antoine Fuqua.

Max Payne 2 was a bit more romance tale, but it was designed with a closer story and visual structure to the first game; but the grit and criminal element was replaced with conspiracy and the femme fatale trope. It wasn't bad by a long shot, just not quite as good as the first game or as memorable as the third.

Thanks to Rockstar sharing a similar set of assets from Max Payne 3 with Grand Theft Auto V, it makes the parody at the top of the article come together in a far more convincing fashion. I imagine when the game releases on PC on March 24th, later this year, we'll see a lot more parodies from a lot more properties thanks to mod support.

You can grab a copy GTA V right now for PlayStation and Xbox home consoles.

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