Retailing for the regular price of $59.99, Max Payne 3 has been brought down to only $14.99 as of the writing of this article courtesy of Steam's Autumn sale. The game will be 75% off the original e-tail price for the next two days, which means that if you've been considering buying the game but wasn't sure, now would be the time to throw down some money and pick up the Rockstar title.

Usually $14.99 is bargain bin bait, so it amazes me that shortly after launching back in May the game would be down to that price, even during a Steam sale. Nevertheless, who am I to complain? $14.99 as opposed to $59.99 is great no matter how you cut the custard. And if you still aren't convinced, maybe you should give the trailer a go around or two.

In addition to the game being marked down to 75% off, all of the additional multiplayer DLC is also marked down as well. Heck, you can grab the season pass to gain access to ALL the DLC for only $7.49. I can't really see that as being a bad thing, unless of course you're waiting for the inevitable GOTY edition? In that case, I'll see you back here next year.

You can pick up a digital copy of Max Payne 3 right now for PC via Steam by visiting the Official Steam Page.

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