GTA 5 Recreation Of Captain Planet Is Dead On And Hilarious

The intro sequence for the television cartoon of Captain Planet was recreated in GTA V. Now that mods are starting to elevate and we're seeing more texture and model imports, the creations are getting bizarrely creative.

The video comes courtesy of YouTuber Merfish, who makes it a habit to recreate various intros and other sequences in GTA V. You can check out the Captain Planet intro below.

I was hoping it would go on and do Captain Planet's theme song. As cheesy as it was it was also pretty cool.

The Captain drew his power from the five rings that were handed down to kids from around the world. The cartoon usually featured some environmentally hazardous plot by the bad guys that had to be foiled by the kids. Most of the kids' powers were pretty useful except for that one kid with the “Heart” power... man that was a useless power. Anyway, when the kids were too overwhelmed by the evil doers they would have to combine their powers to call upon the help of the crusader against corruption and the global protector against pollution, Captain Planet. The green-haired wonder would usually make short work of the baddies and foil their plans. The only thing that could hurt him was pollution.

Merfish's recreation of the intro is both accurate and hilarious given that some substitutes had to be made where 1:1 objects couldn't be found. Although, to be completely honest the intro to the popular super hero cartoon is no where near as good as the recreation of the Pokemon intro. If you haven't seen it just check it out below.

Oh man, those parts with Pikachu just killed it. That looked beyond ridiculous.

Merfish is just one of many YouTubers out there who make machinima using GTA V. The intros above were made possible thanks to a mix of Rockstar Games upgrading the video editing tools for the PC version of GTA V and modders providing additional assets to help bring machinima like the ones above to life.

Hopefully we'll get to see more of the Captain Planet mod in GTA V. It would be pretty awesome if someone cut together some footage of Captain Planet doing some super hero stuff (or engaging in some acts of villainy) and his theme song playing in the background. It's a copyright minefield but it could be worth it for the laughs alone.

If you want to make your own Captain Planet machinima in GTA V, you'll need various tools to make it happen. First you'll need the Simple Trainer, the Script Hook V, the Iron Man Mod to fly around, OpenIV to add and modify mods, and the Captain Planet textures to replace the Trevor skin.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.