GTA III Rage Classic Mod Puts GTA III Into GTA IV

Another total conversion mod is on the way from the Rage Classic Team, composed of several artists, coders and tweakers who have managed to come together and completely redo Grand Theft Auto III, the first 3D rendition of GTA for home consoles and PC, in GTA IV. This means that the original game will get better physics, lighting and weapon mechanics but maintain everything else that made it famous.

Now here's the trippy part, unlike GTA IV: San Andreas, the Rage Classic Team has confirmed that they are porting over the mission structures as well, so technically the entire game will be playable from start to finish running on top of GTA IV. It's terribly impressive and to give gamers a taste of the action a new trailer was recently released featuring some super sexy GTA III action taking place in the Rage Engine.

I find it amazing that the most milking the Rage Engine has had this generation of gaming has been from modders porting older GTA titles into Grand Theft Auto IV. Gamers can complain from here to the high hills of Glasgow about the over-ratedness of GTA IV, but you certainly can't deny how amazingly scalable the game and the Rage Engine happen to be for modding and community creativity purposes.

I love what the community has done with the game and I can't wait to see what the final project will look like for the GTA III Rage Classic Mod. You can learn more about the mod and its progress by paying a kind visit to the GTA Forums where all the under-the-hood garage work takes place for these kind of projects.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.