GTA IV Gets Saints Row 4's Dubstep Gun, Watch It In Action

Leading up to the September release of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V, modders have gone all out and then some with GTA IV. The community has come up with some of the wackiest, coolest, craziest stuff around, including a new modded weapon that comes straight out of Saints Row IV... the one and only Dubstep Gun.

DSO Gaming picked up the mod that was hosted on the popular YouTube channel for all things GTA, taltigolt. The mod itself comes courtesy of Brazilian GTA scripter, JulioNIB, the guy responsible for some of the most awesome mods available for Grand Theft Auto, including the GTA V character switcher, Iron Man conversion and the Incredible Hulk conversion.

So what exactly does the mod do (for those of you who haven't clicked the play button yet)? Well, it dubs it up... it dubs it up real good. You fire the weapon and dub beats blast out in an arched motion, turning whatever it lands on into a moving, breathing, beating dubstep dancer... this also applies to vehicles as well. The music is fresh, the dancing is hot, and the lights strobe enough to give an LSD addict a seizure.

If you're grossly averse to all the violence in Grand Theft Auto, but you're okay with the sex and foul language, then you can download the Dubstep Gun and play the game, enjoying all that the title has to offer in its vulgarity without ever killing anyone. When the police come chasing after you, just dub them up. When gangs want to beat your head into a pulp with a bat, just dub them up. When civilians start talking about anal probes... dub it up.

The ridiculousness of the mod, as well as its polish, really continues to help breathe new life in the aging GTA entry, but the scalability of the engine also shows just how versatile the game really is.

If the Dubstep Gun isn't your cup of tea, though, and you're into more overt forms of violence, feel free to check out the new dual-wielding mod below, or better yet, check out the Hulk fighting Iron Man in an open-city brawl to the death.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.