GTA IV iCEnhancer 2.5 Trailer Nears Ray-Tracing Quality

Remember how everyone was talking about ray-tracing equivalent graphics in games was about two generations out? Well, the newest alpha build of iCEnhancer 2.5 for Grand Theft Auto IV keeps it simple while enhancing the game's general graphics functionality to the point of nearing ray-trace quality. In 1080p prepare to be absolutely blown away.

Known as iCE La GlacE, Hayssam Keilany's work on the iCEnhancer for Grand Theft Auto IV has been based around the work originated by Boris Vorontsov who began modifying various games with his own series of shader modifications known as the ENB Series.

Originally I thought Keilany was finished with the iCEnhancer after version 2.1 but I guess he's still at it. You can check out the new alpha preview below and be sure to watch it in 1080p full screen.

Absolutely stunning, no?

I wonder if any next-gen console games will be able to look half as good as that?

In addition to unleashing the new preview trailer for the upcoming release of iCEnhancer 2.5, DSO Gaming managed to grab some high quality, HD screen caps for gamers to drool and oogle over.

If you have a computer on steroids you'll definitely want to check out the latest build of iCEnhancer for Grand Theft Auto IV. It gives the game a whole new layer of visual fidelity and it really showcases just how powerful and visually versatile the RAGE Engine really is. We'll keep you posted on when the download links for version 2.5 go live.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.