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The PlayStation Vita will officially launch in the United States on February 22nd and you'll be able to get your handheld as soon as the clock strikes midnight. GameStop will be open late across the country on Tuesday to sell the Vita to pre-order customers.

Participating GameStop locations will generally open at 11pm, though you should check with your local store just to be sure. In the hour or so before midnight, you'll finalize your transaction and get your final purchase receipt. Then, at midnight, you'll be able to get your Vita and take it home.

"You don’t have to arrive at 11pm. You can show up anytime between 11pm and midnight," said GameStop. "However, by coming early, you can get your trade-ins and transaction processed sooner. "

GameStop has a couple special deals for future Vita owners. For starters, you can earn an extra $25 of credit toward the purchase of your Vita by trading in a DS, 3DS, or PSP. You can also get a free Vita game by purchasing two other Vita titles.

If you're planning to buy your Vita at midnight, head to this page on the GameStop website. It allows you to find the closest GameStop location hosting a midnight event. Again, though, calling a store ahead of time to confirm the details is always a good idea.

Most GameStop locations across the country also have demo stations for the Vita. Not sure how long they'll be keeping those after launch so if you want to try out the device with no strings attached, now's your chance.