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There are some big things on the horizon for Gears of War 4. The Coalition has plans on unleashing some new content and information for the game during the season premiere of Fear The Walking Dead. However, before the new info arrives the developers let loose a teaser on Twitter.

The official Gears of War Twitter account posted up a quick 21 second teaser video showcasing the new group of playable characters, two of which we saw previously in other trailers and video of Gears of War 4.

The trailer above reveals JD Fenix standing in front of a statue of the legendary Marcus Fenix, his father. We also get to see JD being accompanied by his friend Delmont Walker, and an outlaw named Kait Diaz. This is one of the few times where we get to see a clear shot of Del with what looks like some kind of buzzsaw projectile launcher.

It's hard to tell exactly how the weapon will be used during combat, but I get the feeling that we'll likely see it in action pretty soon.

The Coalition and Microsoft have been teasing a lot of new reveals for Gears of War 4 ahead of the game's highly anticipated beta test. For those of you who played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition you will be clued into the beat automatically. This applies to both the PC version and the Xbox One version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. I can't imagine there being too many PC players who bought the game to participate in the Gears of War 4 beta given how the reviews for the late and poorly optimized version of the PC rendition were not all that forgiving.

The upcoming sequel will feature several new gameplay mechanics, including a running shoulder tackle to knock opponents off their feet, as well as the new vaulting kick to the face. Players who are taking cover can now vault over the cover and kick anyone on the opposite side. This should make the close-quarter combat situations a lot more intense compared to how they were in the previous Gears of War outings.

As far as new weapons are concerned, we haven't seen anything beyond that buzzsaw, but The Coalition definitely teased some of the new enemies that players will encounter throughout their journeys.

You can look for the Gears of War 4 multiplayer beta test to get underway starting April 18th. You can get a glimpse at some new footage of the game during Fear The Walking Dead. The third-person shooter is due for release on October 11, later this year.

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