Glasses-Free MiTraveler 3D-8 Tablet Is Now Available

Autostereoscopic 3D should be a standard by now. Heck, it was popularized by Nintendo's 3DS years ago, but for some reason it hasn't quite caught on in the portable or mobile space... until now.

Michley Tivax Electronics focused on Android-based tablet designs and their latest piece of technology is an autostereoscopic 3D tablet called the MiTraveler 3D-8.

For those of you who don't know, autostereoscopy is a method of 3D design technology that allows users to view stereo 3D images without the need for glasses. It might seem like some super futuristic thing, but crude forms of the tech have been around for ages, usually used with 3D postcards or the like.

Recently, autostereosopic designs have been making their way into television sets, portable gaming devices and now 3D-based tablets.

The reason for Michley Electronics taking the plunge into this partially-charted territory is that mobile device use has been on the rise as far as public use goes, and the company wants to get a leg up on the untapped area of 3D viewscapes and interactivity.

The MiTraveler 3D-8 was designed with gaming in mind, offering users a 1.5GHz dual core CPU, 1GB of system RAM and an unnamed GPU of “advanced” quality. So long as it's not one of those integrated Intel chips I think it'll do quite well.

The 3D-8 tablet sports Bluetooth support, front and rear cameras (because being able to snap those selfies is the most important thing about a mobile device these days... am I right?) and additional plug-and-play support for compatible peripherals.


As noted in the press release...

“Stream thousands of 3D videos and movies online with our proprietary 3D video player through YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, GoPro and Phereo. Use our real-time 2D-3D conversion feature to add 3D enhancement to any 2D photos and videos, including those from your smartphone!“In addition, we offer Yabazam, the world's first 3D Video-on-Demand service for 3D TV and 3D mobile, which includes over 120 3D programs, with new titles released regularly.”

I'm not really big on 3D and I'm not really big on portable gaming, but I am glad to see that there is a marriage of this technology coming about and showing signs of synergistic growth in the tech sector. As much as I like the policies in place for the PS4, I do have to admit that it's really not doing anything new as far as technology goes, and it is something I at least have to applaud Nintendo for, even though I'm not always digging their choices in what many consider to be “fad” gimmicks. There's no denying that Nintendo is at least sparking up various forms of competitive enhancement and involvement with new forms of interactivity and technology... including autostereoscopic gaming.

If the MiTraveler 3D-8 tablet sounds like the sort of thing you might be interested in, feel free to learn more about the device by paying a visit to the official website.

The MiTraveler 3D-8 tablet is available right now for only $369.99. It's a bit of a toss-up in price, but it sure beats the cost of an iPad, right? Right?

You can either purchase the device from the official website or grab one at a discounted rate from Amazon.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.