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Goat Simulator Coming Soon To Xbox One

One of the most ridiculous games ever made and released on Steam is actually going to be one of the most ridiculous games ever made and released on the Xbox One. While Sony has been running around trying to secure any and all kinds of exclusivity for lower and mid-budget video game projects, Microsoft has gone and secured a very unlikely title for the Xbox One in the form of Coffee Stain Studios' Goat Simulator.

The game was first announced during Microsoft's GamesCom 2014 press conference and today they've unveiled additional details about the game making the jump as an indie title that has neared a million copies sold in sales, to a console game where players will take control of the ultimate goal and partake in the ultimate open-world, interactive experience.

The game's port will be handled by Double Eleven, a U.K., based developer who has worked with various other publishers and will be utilizing Microsoft's ID@Xbox program to put Goat Simulator on Microsoft's big black box.

According to Lee Hutchinson, the CEO at Double Eleven...

“We're delighted to be working with Coffee Stain. They've created something truly enjoyable and completely disruptive; we want to bring that to Xbox One."

The game is one of the most outrageous experiences out there, as players will use their goat to perform all sorts of outrageous and ridiculous antics throughout the physics-based game world. This includes climbing up on top of objects and jumping from high distances; smashing into objects with the goat or licking things and dragging them around; you can even dolphin dive through windows and record it and upload it to YouTube for a few laughs. Oh wait, people have already done that. Check it out below, courtesy of YouTube user LastKnownMeal.

The game really doesn't serve much of a purpose other than the ultimate screw-around-simulator and you very would could have been any other animal and the whole thing would still be equally ridiculous.

Even still, the successor of Goat Simulator mostly boils down to people who enjoy doing goofy things in an open-world environment. It's a little like Grand Theft Auto but with even less structure (if that's even possible to imagine).

I would like Goat Simulator to a purposeless, animal version of Saints Row.

Anyway, Coffee Stain Studios' CEO Anton Westbergh is just excited that their game is making its way to home consoles, stating in the press release that...

“Getting on Xbox One with the help of Double Eleven is really exciting. Everyone deserves a chance to goat around, and this is one step in the right direction!"

This could be one of those sleeper hit releases on the Xbox One that actually helps get some positive word-of-mouth out for the console, and given things like the Rise of the Tomb Raider timed-exclusive deal, it's easy to see why Microsoft could use all the positivity they could possibly afford.

You can learn more about Goat Simulator right now by paying a visit to the game's official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.