Prepare your mind and your body for the single most important piece of news you are likely to read today...If you are a goat. A goat that has the ability to read. Goat Simulator will be breaking free from its digital chains and making its way to US retail next month.

The video game industry is an odd one, as you never know what, exactly, will catch like wildfire. Amidst all of the annual AAA blockbusters and indie darlings, an off-the-wall game will occasionally rise to the surface and capture the imagination of gamers by the thousands. One such recent example of this shared madness is CoffeeStain Studios' Goat Simulator, an open world game in which the player controls the titular goat as it slams into various objects, rides a bike, uses its tongue to create mischief and generally cause as much carnage as humanly possible. Many say that Goat Simulator is the most accurate simulation game to date, perfectly capturing the true behavior and motives of an actual goat.

Now it looks like Deep Silver has joined the chorus of those wishing to raise Goat Simulator to the forefront of gaming, partnering with Coffee Stain Studios to distribute a PC version of the game in North American retailers. Now, even if you don't have the ability to download the game, you will be able to pick it up at the store and get to raising hell. This will allow more followers than ever to learn the goatly ways, and it's only going to cost $9.99, just like the digital version.

Goat Simulator is expected to hit North American retailers sometime in “mid-July,” which means we're likely only a few weeks out from seeing the game pop up in local stores. The retail version will include all of the content from patch 1.1, including new goats to control, the ability to ride bikes and skateboards, a new map to explore and a four-player split screen. For those looking to get competitive with friends, you'll also be able to enjoy a handful of new modes, including Capture the Flag, Racing Mode and Ragdoll Hockey, which is 100 percent as awesome as it sounds.

“Supporting Steam Workshop, Goat Simulator players can create their own goats, levels, missions and more,” reads the announcement from Deep Silver. “While the main character may get hit by a truck, head butt a car until it explodes or perform endless other acts of rampage with style, rest assured that the goat will never die and a human's desire to destroy things can forever be fulfilled.”

See?! It's exactly like being a real goat, but with the added bonus of slow motion controls, exaggerated physics and random events that will pop up from time to time, giving you even more things to head but and lick. For more details, hit up the official website.
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