God Of War: Ascension Out Today, Hades Multiplayer Video Revealed

God of War: Ascension arrives today, which means many-a gamer will be spending their evening tearing apart an untold number of mythological creatures with their bare hands. Along with the single player campaign, however, Ascension also offers a robust multiplayer option in which players can align themselves with one of four gods. To celebrate the arrival of Kratos' latest journey, Sony Santa Monica has also released a reveal video for the army of Hades.

After Kratos' last epic adventure in God of War III, the development team at Sony Santa Monica Studio decided that just about the only battlefield left for Kratos to explore existed in his past. At this point, we all know that Kratos is on hyper-angry dude, and we've even been given glimpses into the story that made him that way. In Ascension, an origin story of sorts, players will finally get to experience those tragic events and epic initial battles with the god of olympus firsthand. Or thirdhand, really.

While that's all well and good, what has piqued quite a few folks' interest isn't the single player campaign so much as the brand new multiplayer options. The game will have a co-op horde-like mode for everyone to enjoy, as well as a full suite of competitive modes that sees players aligning with a god and then taking advantage of their unique weapons and abilities.

Sony Santa Monica has slowly been releasing reveal trailers for each of the playable alignments including Zeus, Poseidon and Ares. In celebration of the Ascension's launch, the fourth and final faction has finally received a recruitment trailer: Hades.

In my opinion, it looks like the team may have saved the best for last. I know that the game is probably well balanced and all of that jazz, but it's hard not to feel like Hades' team got all of the cool abilities. Zeus' guys have lightning damage and Poseidon's team is really good at preserving HP. And then there's Ares' squad, which is mostly about brute strength. Hades, on the other hand, is all about underhanded trickery and dastardly tactics. If nothing else, I think I've picked which god I'll align with initially.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.