Do you want to play an open-world, vehicular-based, post-apocalyptic, PVP-oriented, Mad Max-esque MMO? Well there's Fallen Earth. However, if you want something with a bit more balls-to-the-walls action, then you'll definitely want to check out Grimlands.

Gamigo has announced that the closed beta for Grimlands has undergone some major updates including a complete overhaul to the crafting, enabling players to make more items, weapons and gear to influence a player-driven economy. Sounds pretty cool.

What's more is that the game's vehicles run on fuel, so players will have to scavenge for more fuel to keep their transportation running. Fuel is scarce, though, and players will need to be able to scrounge together resources to keep their vehicles in circulation. The other thing that has been updated are vehicle weapon and armor types, so players will have more variety in upgrading and increasing their vehicle's stats and equipment.

Even more than that, Gamigo and Drago Entertainment have also acknowledged that the game will be affected by physics-based properties, including real-time weather events and environmental effects thanks to a heavy reliance on PhysX. It's pretty cool because the weather will play a role in some of the gameplay properties and this adds an extra sense of dynamics to the overall playing experience.

I, for one, cannot wait to play Grimlands. It seems like an action-gamer's dream game come true, kind of embodying the likes of the Genesis classic Outlander while also infusing the MMO PvP of most other online shooters and the economic variance found in games like Goonzu Online and Fallen Earth.

You can register right now to learn more about Grimlands and potentially try to grab yourself a closed beta key. For more information be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.

All new features in Grimlands at a glance:

• PhysX physical engine implemented
• 12 new dungeons
• Complex weather system (dynamic clouds, rain and other weather patterns)
• Crafting system overhauled, new professions for specialization
• New vehicles with the PhysX physical engine
• Vehicles can cause damage
• Vehicles can be equipped with weapons and armoring
• Vehicles consume gasoline
• New graphics effects

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