We have another quiz for casual, midcore and hardcore gamers alike. We'll be testing your gaming history with a series of entries that will require you to dig deep into some of the classic history of interactive entertainment. But don't worry, it's not all old, esoteric titles that you've never heard of.

We'll be testing your knowledge of gaming arsenals and armament. Can you guess which game series some of these weapons went to as well as the names of the weapons? It sounds easy; but can you muster up the memory cells to figure out which games and weapons span this list? Let's see.

Round #1

Genre: RPG
Platform[s]: PSX, PC
Game hints: This is a pretty easy one to spot for fans of the series that this weapon belonged to. The hero probably won't go down in history as much of a fan-favorite so much as he was a heartthrob, but when this title released back in 1998 and this weapon was prominently featured as part of the promotion of the character and the game, it helped shape the entire history of how we viewed melee and projectile weapon combinations. Do you know the name of the game this gunblade was first featured in?

(Image courtesy of Matt Doherty)

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