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Guess These 10 Classic Video Games By Their Epic Weapons

We have another quiz for casual, midcore and hardcore gamers alike. We'll be testing your gaming history with a series of entries that will require you to dig deep into some of the classic history of interactive entertainment. But don't worry, it's not all old, esoteric titles that you've never heard of.

We'll be testing your knowledge of gaming arsenals and armament. Can you guess which game series some of these weapons went to as well as the names of the weapons? It sounds easy; but can you muster up the memory cells to figure out which games and weapons span this list? Let's see.

Round #1

Genre: RPG

Platform[s]: PSX, PC

Game hints: This is a pretty easy one to spot for fans of the series that this weapon belonged to. The hero probably won't go down in history as much of a fan-favorite so much as he was a heartthrob, but when this title released back in 1998 and this weapon was prominently featured as part of the promotion of the character and the game, it helped shape the entire history of how we viewed melee and projectile weapon combinations. Do you know the name of the game this gunblade was first featured in?

(Image courtesy of Matt Doherty)

Round #2

Genre: FPS

Platform[s]: PC

Game hints:A somewhat famous character wielded this devastating cannon and made short work of whatever he encountered with it. This particular weapon isn't quite as legendary as Doom's BFG 9000 but it packed a similar punch. You won't find a gun like this in today's genre of FPS titles, but it certainly helped take down the big baddies during the era in which this game was released. Also, the man who wielded these borrowed a bunch of his catchphrases from Bruce Campbell and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Any idea which classic game this weapon belonged to? Extra bonus to anyone who can also name the weapon, too.

(image courtesy of SourceForge)

Round #3

Genre: Action

Platform[s]: PC, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3

Game hints: These two weapons are almost as popular as the man who carries them. Sleek, sexy and deadly is the best way to describe the twin terrors of destruction. They first made their appearance at the start of the franchise back in 2000 and eventually grew in popularity alongside the natural growth of the series itself. They can be upgraded, they're best used with silencers and will likely make or break your chance of survival depending on how good you are with them. While the name might escape most gamers, their visual appeal won't. Do you know what series these two guns are famous for appearing in? And furthermore, do you know the name of these weapons?

Round #4

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Platform[s]: PC

Game hints: This little trinket made an appearance in two cult-classic titles. You could use the weapon to inflict damage on opponents without firing a single thing at anyone. It was an inventive and sadistic way to take out enemies using a bit of black magic. The main character looked like The Undertaker and sounded like the local creep who hangs out behind the porno theater late at night. The series never quite picked up the same level of appeal as some other more recognizable names, but it was still talked about as much as Redneck Rampage and Hugo's House of Horrors 3D. Any idea what rare weapon this game belonged to?

Round #5

Genre: Adventure

Platform[s]: NES, SNES, N64, GB, DS, 3DS, GC, Wii, Wii U

Game hints: This should be a pretty easy one to guess. You have an iconic hero (something that seems to be thrown around a lot in this list, eh?) and you have an adventure that spans multiple games across multiple eras. The sword is probably just as well as the hero. Before getting the weapon, however, players usually had to go through an adventure in and of itself to earn a right to wield it. Your very first weapon in one of the older games was given to you by an old man that said “Take this! It's dangerous to go alone.” Can you name the game and the sword that belongs to this popular series?

(Image courtesy of

Round #6

Genre: Hack-and-Slash

Platform[s]: PS2, PS3

Game hints: This series is probably known in most circles for being as violent as it is awesome. It features a wide range of some very uniquely crafted weapons that would the Forerunners from Halo jealous. I'm not really sure how these weapons could be utilized in real life, but in the fictional world of gaming they were the sort of weapons that you would hate to get hit by, especially when the person wielding them had the anger of a hundred gods burning in the pit of his soul and the heated rage of a thousand suns driving his actions. Do you know what game series these weapons went to? Better yet, do you know the name of these devastating gauntlets?

Round #7

Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Platform[s]: Xbox 360, PC

Game hints: This is a popular game series that has found its way into the deeply rooted competitive scene of hardcore gaming. It didn't just do so because of the shooting and killing, but because of how the shooting and killing was handled. Very similar to the likes of Halo, Unreal and Goldeneye, the weapons in this series have grown to establish their own identity. In fact, you're just as likely to see the weapons along with the characters during most cosplays. A huge hint: most people say the main characters look like roided up football players in space armor. Know the series? And more importantly, can you name the weapon below?

Round #8

Genre: RPG, RTS, MMO

Platform[s]: PC

Game hints: A feared weapon that spans a deep lore in a universe finely crafted by artisans of fiction – this magnificent weapon is one of legend and intrigue. The weapon itself is more of a story than the powers it contains to cause destruction and misery. The series this weapon is attached to is celebrated for its deep story just as much as one of the game's player counts. The weapon has transcended various genres but has always managed to stay a mythic element rather than become an entity that players could own for themselves. Do you know what the name of this legendary weapon is? Or better yet, do you know what series this weapon belongs to?

Round #9

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Platform[s]: N64

Game hints: This series first helped usher in the 3D graphics card craze back in the day and was exclusively supported by the Voodoo 3Dfx series. The game managed to get a sequel that had a weapon that could track an enemy, bore into their head, extricate their brain fluids and then explode when finished. If that sounds like some kind of devastating work of violence only the yesteryears of gaming could cook up, then you're on the right track. The series was recently rebooted to lackluster affair, mainly because it didn't feature any weapons that could secrete your brain onto the ground. Any idea what game series this is and what the name of the weapon is that could ravage your skull meat?

(Image courtesy of Battani)

Round #10

Genre: Racing

Platform[s]: SNES, N64, GB, DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U

Game hints: This is one of the deadliest weapons in all of gaming. It's feared by anyone who is in first place, it dominates the field and it has no equals. This weapon will make you wet your pants just when you think you're winning, and it'll make you lose your lunch just when you think the finish line is yours for the taking. A storied history of broken friendships, a legacy of domination and destruction; this is the Golden Chalice of second-place racing and the crown jewel of tactical racers the world around. Can you name this legendary beast and the series of games its attached to?

Congratulations, you made it to the end. Were you able to guess all of them or did you get stumped? The weapons were probably pretty tricky for a few entries because you would have to be a real die-hard gamer to remember a few of them. Still, even if you couldn't pick out the weapons, were you able to guess all of the games? Use the poll to let us know where you ranked on the list. If you managed to guess some but not others, feel free to let us know which ones got you stuck in the comment section below.

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