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Guild Wars 2 Still Coming In 2012, More Beta Events Incoming

Today marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese Zodiac system. Considering that Guild Wars 2' logo is a big red dragon, developer ArenaNet thought this was a good time to provide an update on the game's release date and beta.

"According to tradition, the dragon embodies passion, independence, and ambition," said ArenaNet founder and president Mike O’Brien on the company's blog. "We think it’s a perfect analogy for what we’re trying to accomplish with Guild Wars 2. We’re a company full of MMO and RPG fans, and we’ve set out to fundamentally rethink how you deliver an RPG experience online. So this year, the Year of the Dragon, let’s usher out old thinking – the tired old quest model, stiff repetitive combat, and monthly fees – and usher in the new."

The first closed beta just ended recently. A press beta will begin in February and will be followed by larger tests in March and April. The game will officially launch later in the year.

GW2's has been in development for five years. ArenaNet first started work on the game in 2007. The beta tests were first scheduled for 2008 but then cancelled.

Specifics on how to get into this year's beta events weren't disclosed. However, O'Brien advised gamers to watch the official GW2 website, Facebook page, and blog.

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