This Christmas, instead of gathering around the kitchen table for board games or setting up shop in the living room for a rousing round of charades, why not virtually kick the crap out of friends and family instead? Now that Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus has been given a release date of Dec. 4 on the PlayStation Network, you can do exactly that.

For the remainder of this article, we’re going to be referring to the game in question simply as Guilty Gear, as that has got to be the most ridiculous title ever given to a piece of multimedia. The reason for all of those extra this-n-thats being added to the title is quite simple: This will be the fourth or so “refinement” of the same game. Similar to their current gen fighting gem, BlazBlue, developer ArcSystemWorks has a thing for creating a solid fighter, and then adding onto it in an incremental fashion on an almost yearly basis. A couple of new characters, some fine-tuning, new modes and new story chunks always get added, but the core game remains the same. That’s actually a good thing and, according to a post on Dustloop, we’ll all be able to see for ourselves in just a week’s time.

This latest Guilty Gear is what you might call the “ultimate edition,” featuring the most up-to-date content in a package that will be making its way out of the physical arcade for the first time. The story is just as silly and convoluted as ever, but the graphics have received a nice HD overhaul, the soundtrack is still rocking and the controls are as silky smooth as ever.

Players looking to return to “The Midnight Carnival,” or perhaps visiting the world of Guilty Gear for the first time, can pick up XX Accent Core Plus for $14.99 on PSN come Dec. 4.

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