Now that the PlayStation Vita has brought proper two-stick control to the portable market, it’s only appropriate that we start to see a few more first-person shooters popping up on the device. Gun Commando is such a title and, unexpectedly, it’s a PlayStation Mobile game with classic 8-bit graphics. Look for it to launch on Jan. 23.

Gun Commando is the latest offering from Green Hill and Ripstone, a first-person shooter that harkens back to the good ole’ days while adding in a few modern tweaks to keep things interesting.

Back in the day, games like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D were the cream of the FPS crop. Their graphics and controls are considered primitive by today’s standards, but the future of a genre coursed through their veins. Gun Commando looks to recapture that feeling of playing an old-school first-person shooter on the PlayStation Vita, but with tongue planted firmly in cheek and with some additional bells and whistles genre progenitors were unable to provide.

In true classic FPS fashion, the world is under attack by an invading swarm of aliens and the player is the only person capable of putting a stop to their dastardly deeds. To do that, you’ll have to sprint, shoot and dodge bullets through more than 20 alien strongholds on a quest to save the planet. While few details beyond that have been revealed, Green Hill has at least promised a “weapon system that requires and rewards accurate play,” according to a press release.

A price point has not been announced yet but, being a PlayStation Mobile title, we’re probably only looking at a fistful of bucks to add this one to the library. Look for Gun Commando on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation certified devices on Jan. 23.

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