I'm not sure why someone hadn't thought of this before but a young chap from Somerville Massachusetts has decided to turn daily tasks, life-goals and scheduled priorities into an interactive gaming experience that offers competitive challenges and virtual rewards for following through in real-life. In other words, the game does what real-life will never do: reward you for doing the right thing.

The Kickstarter is still currently underway where creator Tyler Renelle is looking for additional support to help buck the game's functionality up to par and usher in a lot of fixes and compatibility to help the game run a lot better than it does.

He's aiming for a modest $25,000 goal and he's almost there, sitting at $19,982 as of the writing of this article. The one most promising feature is probably the party system and competitive customization. I think that's a cool way of identifying the progress of some people. The boss battles are especially cool. Check it out in the Kickstarter video below.

I have no idea how well this will do in the long term but it seems interesting enough. I can definitely see this working a lot better than typical organizers and software goal tenders that supposedly help you focus or remember stuff, even though in reality it's just less of a hassle not dealing with that stuff.

You can pledge your support to HabitRPG if you think it's a cool idea and would like to see it expanded and better supported. It's interesting enough where I would actually like to see better versions of this make it onto the market. I think there's definitely a lack of productivity games that bridge entertainment with life-management.

For more info feel free to visit the Official Kickstarter Page.

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