Halo 4 Double XP Included With Mountain Dew, Doritos

With Halo 4's launch approaching, PepsiCo is trying to promote Doritos and Mountain Dew as the food and beverage of choice for your late-night play sessions. Buying either product will earn you Double XP in multiplayer.

To participate in this promotion, buy specially marked bottles of Dew or bags of Doritos. Each will bear a special code that can be redeemed on DEWXP.com or DORITOSXP.com for double XP matches. You can then transfer these match bonuses to your Xbox Live Gamertag.

Retailers are providing their own unique deals to support this promotion. Walmart will sell 24-packs of Dew and 11.5 oz. bags of Doritos that give you Mega XP, or 12 matches of Double XP. Halo 4 copies sold at Walmart will also come with a code to unlock 24 additional matches of double XP. 7-11, meanwhile, plans to release a "King of the Hill" mobile app that will allow you to earn bonus XP as well as other Halo 4 content.

Remember Game Fuel, that orange-red Mountain Dew that launched alongside Halo 3? That'll be coming back for a limited time as well. Expect the "citrus cherry"-flavored soft drink to arrive in stores by the end of October. It'll be available only for a limited time so you'd best stock up if you're intent on getting diabetes.

This isn't the first time PepsiCo has used double XP to promote Dew and Doritos. They did the same with Modern Warfare 3 last year as well.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.