Microsoft really is pulling out all the stops for Halo 4. If you thought that Microsoft really pulled the stops out for Halo 3, they're taking it a step farther for Halo 4, as Microsoft's Phil Spencer says that the newest Halo is Microsoft's biggest game yet.

In an interview with Polygon [via Gaming Vogue] Spencer states that “Nothing’s even close...” when it comes to what Microsoft has produced over the years. He doesn't list specifics but we can easily guess that it's probably over the $100 million mark given all the promotion that's gone into the game.

343's Josh Holmes stated that...
”We did a bunch of iteration and test on different ideas really early on, experimenting with new mechanics — many of which didn’t make the cut because of that process.”...“I think for Halo in particular, because there’s a competitive aspect to it in multiplayer, it’s really important to us to keep that consistency,”

I can imagine that perhaps there was a lot of R&D for Halo 4 given that they had to nail down a scientific formula to replicate fun as opposed to simply letting creativity do the work like with Halo: CE and Halo 2.

There's no doubt that Halo 4 has received a lot of pre-release praise, especially for David Fincher's trailer. The game is set for release in two weeks on November 6th, and then you'll be able to tell if it really is Microsoft's biggest game so far.

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