Next week Halo 4 will be receiving a dose of free downloadable content. Spartan Ops: Episode Two will expand the game's second campaign, which stars the crew of the UNSC Infinity.

In Episode One, the Infinity's Spartan squads recovered an artifact from the planet of Requiem. Episode Two begins with this artifact trying to take over the Infinity's systems. Majestic Squad and Crimson Squad return to Requiem to figure out a way to free their ship from the artifact's control.

Each Spartan Ops episode contains five missions that are playable in single-player or co-op mode. They also feature new CG cinematics to explain the story. 343 Industries plans to release ten episodes in total.

Episode Two will be arriving on Monday, November 12th. Expect it to be available on Xbox Live at 3 AM PST, or 6AM EST.

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