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Halo 4 Weapon Schematic Reveals New Railgun

343 Industries revealed images of five Halo 4 weapons today. Four of these guns are returning from previous Halo games while the last one is completely new to the series.

The assault rifle, battle rifle, DMR, and sniper rifle will all be appearing in Halo 4. The model numbers for these guns have changed, though, suggesting some slight differences. Maybe you can spot the changes in the images below. The tweaks to these guns probably won't be as exciting as the new railgun, though.

"The ARC-920 Railgun is a compact-channel linear accelerator that fires a high-explosive round at incredible speed, delivering both kinetic and explosive force to both hard and soft targets alike," reads the railgun's description (via GameInformer).

The ARC sounds like a portable version of the gauss cannon mounted on vehicles in Halo: Reach and other games. It has a lot of stopping power but a slow rate of fire. Sounds like a weapon players will be scrambling to grab in multiplayer.

Pictures of the railgun and other weapons are below. No doubt 343 has a lot more weapons planned for the game than they've revealed here. The game won't be out until November, though, so they're passing themselves.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.