Halo 5 Achievements Announced

Microsoft and 343 Industries have revealed the full achievement list for Halo 5: Guardians. The list contains 65 different achievements that account for 1,000 points worth of Gamerscore. They reveal that the game has 15 missions in the campaign, and a few other details.

The achievement list was rolled out over on the Halo Waypoint website, where they list each of the achievements and how much gamers will get for each one.

Some of the achievements are pretty easy and straightforward, such as going through and completing each mission on any difficulty, or changing your Spartan's gear in the multiplayer mode. One of the absolute easiest is spectating a multiplayer game... you'll get 10 points for that and it's called “Benchwarmer”.

There are slightly more difficult achievements in the game, such as simultaneously killing two enemies on the heroic difficulty setting or participating in a dual sniping order to take down two enemies at once. Another achievement is to kill a boss on the Legendary difficulty setting in the Warzone mode.

The majority of the achievements are designed for the campaign portion of the game. It's an interesting way to get players to dabble in both sides of the equation – the multiplayer modes and the campaign mode.

The single-player offers the most Gamerscore, however. It also has the most challenging achievements. In the campaign mode you'll get 60 points if you can complete Halo 5's campaign on the Legendary setting, even if you do so with a few teammates or a little help from some buddies from around the world. However, you'll get 100 points if you can complete Halo 5's campaign mode on Legendary... all by yourself.

Halo 5: Guardians will feature, for the first time in the series, a dual campaign mode where players will take on the role of Blue Team, led by Master Chief, and Team Osiris, led by Spartan Locke. In Master Chief's case he's a genetically modified man on a mission and in Locke's case he's tasked with tracking down Chief for Oni.

The game picks up where Halo 4 left off and even attempts to address what happened to Cortana after the heartbreaking goodbyes she and the Chief shared at the end of the last game.

343 Industries and Microsoft released Halo: The Master Chief Collection as a way to get gamers all caught up on the story of the game. For those who can't wait until the end of October to get their hands on the latest first-person shooter for the Xbox One, the release of the achievements is a way to entice and keep fans glued to all things halo. The game has a lot to prove coming off the less-than-enticing release of Halo 4, and the somewhat botched release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which ended up having some serious issues when it first launched (and several months after), especially with the multiplayer.

You can check out the full list of achievements from over on the Halo Waypoint website.

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