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It seems like it's become customary for games to get leaked in some capacity before their official release. The bigger the game the more widespread the leak. In the case of Halo 5: Guardians some of the game's music and content related to the highly anticipated Warzone mode have made it out of Microsoft's tightly-gripped palms.

Gamespot posted the video of the music leaked from Halo 5, which clocks in at 15 minutes. Microsoft acknowledged the leak and in a surprising twist actually let the video spread around. Free publicity.

In the statement Microsoft issued to Gamespot, they mentioned...
It's unfortunate when work-in-progress content leaks, but this Halo 5: Guardians content is part of our ongoing private, external testing for multiplayer. We will continue to rigorously test Halo 5: Guardians to ensure the best possible experience for fans at launch.

As for the video above... music starts quite haunting and stays that way for a time. It seems to be a lot more subdued and atmospheric than in previous Halo titles, where the music was more bombastic and filled with the fanfare of triumph and victory. Here we get something more mellow and emotionally provoking. At times it sounds more like sci-fi drama than space-opera adventure.

There are some slower moments where it feels as if the music is padding the experience rather than being the experience itself. But around the 10 minute mark the music and the tension it brings with it seems to pick up. It's hard to figure out what sort of scenarios could be playing out with the 15 minute piece they have here, but it's interesting nonetheless.

I suppose part of the reason the music sounds so different is because there's a new composer at the helm of this iconic franchise, as Marty O'Donnell is no longer doing the music for Halo nor is he doing the music for Bungie. Instead, 343 Industries has Kazuma Jinnouchi leading the charge on the music front, something that's mentioned in the Gamespot article.

For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Jinnouchi did majority of the sound composition for Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots. I know Harry Gregson-Williams usually gets most of the credit for the Metal Gear Solid theme song, but Jinnouchi and a few others were actually in charge of fleshing out the rest of the soundtracks for the games.

In this case, the music veteran isn't new to the Halo franchise. The composer previously provided some additional music to the Halo 4 soundtrack, where lead composer Neil Davidge took over following Bungie's departure from under Microsoft after they released Halo: Reach.

Anyway, in addition to the music leaking some gamers managed to get their hands on some images of the Halo 5: Guardians Warzone menus, showing very little but giving eager fans a small taste of what's to come for Microsoft's and 343's upcoming first-person shooter.

The wait is only two months away and you will be able to get your hands on Halo 5 starting October 27th, 2015.
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