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Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori have been part of the long-running Halo franchise since it began on the original Xbox with Halo: Combat Evolved. The duo teams up again for the soundtrack of Halo: Reach. Sumthing Else Music Works announced that the soundtrack for the hotly anticipated first-person shooter is currently available via select digital distribution outlets and will become available as a two-disc CD set beginning September 28th.

Martin O'Donnell commented in the press release regarding the availability of the soundtrack, saying...
"We've been composing and producing music for Bungie's Halo universe since 1999 and this soundtrack represents the culmination of our efforts. Once again we were able to work with other composers C Paul Johnson and Stan LePard, along with recording much of this music at Studio X in Seattle with the Northwest Sinfonia and Choir. This is about 2 hours' worth of music culled from the more than 5 hours of music actually produced for the game itself. We hope everyone enjoys listening."

Despite some of the criticisms of the game (and franchise in general) the one consistent thing that has always stood in the light of praise is each and every soundtrack for each and every Halo game. Gamers can look for Halo: Reach to hit store shelves starting September 14th or you can check out the digital soundtrack for the game by visiting the Official Sumthing Else Website.

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