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Given that past Halo games have made their way to the PC and the PC is the predominant platform for real-time strategy games, it's plausible that the upcoming Halo RTS for Xbox 360 would be ported to the PC, right? Apparently not.

Graeme Devine, lead developer at Halo Wars developer Ensemble Studios, was asked about the probability of a PC port by Videogamer. He did not dance around the issue. "Zero. Never. I'm going to go on the record and say never ever! Microsoft may go and announce it, but I'll say never."

Added Graeme: "Let's put the effort into Halo Wars 2, rather than making Halo Wars work on PC. Halo Wars is a console game, and it was designed to work on a console. So let's keep it on a console."

Well, stranger things have happened. Not very encouraging comments, though. Halo Wars will be released next February.