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Harrison Ford Plays And Actually Enjoys Uncharted 3

I don’t speak Japanese and I’m not really sure what the setup was or how Harrison Ford actually came into possession of a PS3 controller and a play-test of Uncharted 3 but he does and it seems like he really enjoys it.

It’s a little hard to tell how much gaming time Dr. Indiana Jones had with a PS3 before getting his hands on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, but it looks like he was actually able to play the game to the point of enjoying it a lot. You can check out the six minute video below.

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If you were thinking that grumpy old Harrison wouldn’t appear while thoroughly enjoying the third Uncharted game for the PS3, he didn’t let you down. Did you notice at the one part he says he would enjoy the game a lot more if so many people weren’t around? I bet if the cameras weren't on he would have said "GTFO! Let Indie enjoy his game."

Although, I tend to doubt that he would even be playing Uncharted 3 if not for promotional purposes, but it does look like he’s actually having fun while playing.

I’m also a little curious why he would bring up an “actor’s obligations” when he was talking about the way Drake had to traverse through those deadly scenarios. I was hoping he would have elaborated on that a little more. Maybe another, well knowing Ford probably not.

Still, if someone as grumpy and usually as moody as Harrison Ford can get tossed in front of a bunch of Japanese guys and have a camera shoved in his face while playing Uncharted 3 for the first time and still managed to enjoy it, then that speaks volumes for the game.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is set for release on November 1st exclusively for the PS3.

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