Heroes & Generals Videolog: New Nvidia Features, Graphics, Warbonds

In preparation for the upcoming closed beta test, Reto-Moto has unveiled some new details and gameplay mechanics for Heroes & Generals, including how the FPS mechanics tie into the game's RTS mode. The videolog also covers additional Nvidia Surround support, updated graphical effects and a neat little thing called Warbonds.

Heroes & Generals is shaping up to be an amazing game from a crack team of independent developers. The project looks about on par to any of the latest high-end FPS titles out there, but the concept is what really makes the game stand out. Imagine having a player work as the commander, issuing orders, objectives and points on a map to take over in real-time, while players manning the soldiers will have to carry these orders out. It's a real test of teamwork and military functionality as both sides aim to take each other down.

What's more is that Heroes & Generals borrows a lot from Battlefield, enabling gamers to man tanks, planes, bikes, jeeps and everything else in between. Players can swim, run, hide, duck, dodge and shoot their way through intense battlefields that never play out the same way twice. You can check out the actual gameplay works in the new videolog below.

Heroes & Generals is currently wrapping up its pre-alpha beta testing and additional keys are being sent out for the upcoming closed-beta beta test. Gamers who want to jump in and try out the new game from Reto-Moto can do so at this very moment by signing up for a beta key.

I, for one, am very excited about this game because it really helps reinforce and under-used genre, specifically the RTS-FPS genre which has only ever been dabbled in with a few games like BattleSwarm, Savage and Gettysburg: Armored Warfare. You can learn more about Heroes & Generals by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.