Deep Silver managed to pick up the Homefront publishing license after THQ filed for bankruptcy and had to relinquish all of their intellectual properties to the wild. With the license in tow and a sequel already in development before THQ bit the dust, the only thing Deep Silver had to do was keep the support flowing and help give Crytek UK an opportunity to flex their muscles for the new-gen twins.

Crytek and Deep Silver released a brand new trailer for Homefront: The Revolution, previously known as the tentative Homefront 2 when leaked images first surfaced, as well as when THQ first announced that Crytek would be taking over development of the first-person shooter franchise.

I can definitely say that I'm eager to see how Crytek handles the game on both the PS4 and the Xbox One. They also have a distinct vision about how they bring games to life with the CryEngine (sans the very mediocre Ryse).

The trailer above definitely appears to be rendered in-engine – it has a very distinct CryEngine feel to it. The only drawback is that I'm almost willing to bet that the entire demo above was running in-engine on a very high-end Glorious PC. If the game manages to look remotely like that on the PS4 and Xbox One then expect SD resolutions like 480i and 720p, respectively (and you all know which console will produce the welfare graphics).

But graphics aside (because it's all about the gameplay, remember?) I'm curious what we can expect from this game.

The teaser trailer depicts a dense, urban environment with dynamic guerrilla warfare. My biggest question is if the game will actually mirror the trailer? Will players actually have options in how they “revolt” against their oppressors? Because being able to have semi-amounts of freedom in various levels where you can plan out your attack or route enemies using ambush tactics could be pretty cool. There will be co-op involved and the press release hints at a big open-world, but details are still sketchy.

Of course, the entire thing would be dependent on how smart or reactive the AI is. It's no fun planning out really cool ambush tactics if the AI will act like complete 'tards and not react or respond the way they should.

While the game is being teased today, the official reveal won't arrive until E3 2014. The game itself isn't scheduled to release until 2015. Right now I'm sitting on the fence of anticipation, ready to jump down on the side of the hype train if the game is more than just another run-and-gun modern-military shooter, or ready to jump down on the side of disappointment if this is another Call of Duty clone. I guess we'll find out next week at E3.

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