How To Play Witcher 3's New Game Plus Mode

The Witcher 3 players will soon have a new way to test their skills. CD Projekt RED will be adding a New Game Plus mode to the game soon.

CD Projekt confirmed over Twitter that New Game Plus mode will be added to the game in the near future. It will be the last of the 16 free DLC packs planned for the game:

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The developers have been releasing free DLC packs on a near-weekly basis since Witcher 3's launch. Previous freebies have included quests, alternate costumes and items.

New Game Plus works much like the NG+ from other games. Once you've beaten the campaign, you can opt to restart the game while still retaining your character's progression. You'll keep all of your items from your previous playthrough except for quest items, documents, Gwent cards, usable items and Trophies. You'll retain your previous level if you were above level 30. If you were below 30, you'll be bumped up to that level.

In New Game Plus, community manager Marcin Momot says, enemies will be stronger. You can choose just how tough the experience will be, though, because you can set it at any difficulty level. If you still haven't gotten the Achievement for beating the game on Death March, NG+ gives you a new opportunity to do so.

Upon starting your NG+ playthrough, you'll also find an extra item in your inventory: a Clearing Potion. This consumable will let you clear all of your skills. This means you'll be able to try the game with a different build. That's great news if you were bored with your current set of abilities or need to adjust to a higher difficulty.

This New Game Plus mode gives Witcher 3 players another way to occupy themselves while they wait for the expansion packs. The two expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, are said to add over 30 hours to the game. However, they won't be out for a long time. Hearts, the first scheduled to launch, won't be released until October.

CD Projekt RED recently released Patch 1.07 for Witcher 3. This massive update included loads of improvements for the game, such as new sorting options for inventory and a dedicated stash for player's excess items. Geralt's horse Roach is a lot less dumb thanks to the patch as well.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.