It appears that with the launch window and gameplay trailer news earlier today for the upcoming survival-platform game, I Am Alive, a rather obvious omission of the PC platform was noticeable. The game will still arrive for the Xbox 360 and PS3’s digital platforms but it doesn’t look like a PC release is anywhere in sight despite Ubisoft announcing that the game was coming to PC [via Blues].

According to Blues, they contacted Ubisoft about the missing PC platform reference in the announcement and they were simply told that "There will be no PC SKU for I Am Alive."

I don’t know if PC gamers want to take a sigh of relief for dodging a potential software turd or if feet should be stamped and tears of anger should be shed for getting shafted on yet another Ubisoft title, following the DRM debacle of From Dust and Driver San Francisco. Perhaps Ubisoft is just tired of dealing with piracy and legit buyers complaining about DRM and have simply opted out of supplying the personal computer audience with I Am Alive altogether.

Some gamers feel that perhaps the game itself isn’t really up to par, despite looking rather interesting in the new trailer, and that maybe it’s just best the game doesn’t cause further controversy by releasing as a shoddy console port on PC, which is basically what happened with From Dust before the patch. This is also taking into consideration that I Am Alive went from being a triple-A big budget game down to a single-A sub-platform game for the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, which has a lot of gamers questioning the quality standards of the title.

Still, given Ubisoft’s wishy-washy ways of late it won’t be surprising if the game is released on PC at a later date with some lovely DRM and a few visual enhancements to round out the experience.

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