IPI Motion Capture Software 2.0 Arrives This Spring

If you're looking for a cheap motion capture solution for a budget-priced game project, then iPi Software definitely has a solution for you with their Motion Capture 2.0 toolset, which will be available this spring.

Michael Nikonov, founder and chief design architect for iPi Soft, commented in the press release, saying...

"Motion capture is such an expressive medium for video game developers and digital filmmakers and the advancements coming to version 2.0 will provide users the ultimate solution of a personalized, markerless motion capture desktop solution for creating truly believable 3D character motion"..."Despite the incredible diversity of CG worlds created by today's video game designers, realistic human characters remain the core of compelling storytelling in most videogames today."

The highlight of the software is that users are capable of using two Xbox Kinect devices to capture full 3D, motioned-based movements or you can use four to six PlayStation EyeToys for the same results.

It's pretty awesome being able to do motion-captured movements either for game characters or cinematics right from the comfort of your own design space, as opposed to relying on a big budget studio or Hollywood outfit.

Version 2.0 of iPi's motion capture software suite will be available in late spring and gamer designers who need more info on pricing and availability can head on over to the Official iPi Website to learn more about their motion capture software.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.